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Kaddish is an arrangement of the Maurice Ravel’s Deux Mélodies Hébraïque for violin and guitar. 

The instrumentation gives the work an intimate and haunting sound. Originally for violin and piano, the work was popularized into the violin literature shortly after its publication. 


Deux Mélodies Hébraïques: No. 1, Kaddish (Arr. for Violin and Guitar by Julia Reddy)

Deux Mélodies Hébraïques: No. 2, L’énigme Éternelle (Arr. for Violin and Guitar by Julia Reddy)


Released October 31st, 2020
Composer – Maurice Ravel
Violin and Arranger – Julia Reddy
Guitar – Gabriel Hotier
Sound Engineer – Ephraim Hahn

Kaddish - Sheet Music

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(Kaddish, L’Enigme Eternelle)

Maurice Ravel /arr. Julia Reddy

Sheet music arrangement available for purchase on J.W. Pepper