Words from Students

Colleen Stanton
Julia is an excellent teacher who creates highly customized lesson plans for her students. I returned to the violin after a more than 10-year hiatus from the instrument, and Julia did an fantastic job of assessing my needs, helping me work through new material, and reframing the way I approached studying violin (as an adult instead of as a kid!) I could not recommend her more as a teacher.
Sheila Daley
I had to ponder a bit because I didn’t know how to begin. Well I have been taking violin lessons for a year. Hence, being older I couldn’t imagine succeeding to any degree and believe me violin has been one of my biggest challenges.I have type A personality and Julia makes everything so easy. Thus, when I ‘m ready to give up she knows how to grab my attention and that comes from her incredulous teaching ability. Julia has a magical way of teaching and I see myself continuing another year with her. In fact , I think I might continue indefinitely that’s due to her brilliant way of teaching each student differently. She meets my needs in order for me to succeed. She brings out my strengths and that transfers to all aspects of my life! Thanks Julia!!! I love Mapletree Music! Thanks for tolerating me when I don’t practice but you bring out the magic in me during our sessions.
Jana Lermusiaux
Julia is an amazing teacher! Extremely helpful and competent. She is patient and takes time to explain what I don’t understand. I very much enjoy my lessens with her and I would highly recommend her to anyone willing to take violin lessons.
Rowan Miles
Deciding to learn to play the violin as an adult is very intimidating. You’ll never learn if you didn’t start as a preschooler, right? Wrong! Mapletree Music has made it not only possible, but fun too. Julia Reddy is a patient, knowledgeable teacher who works with my musical interests to develop the skills I need to play the violin. Supportive and encouraging, I highly recommend Julia and Mapletree Music if you are looking for a violin teacher!
Olivia Valentini
After much deliberation, I finally decided to pick up the violin as an adult beginner and this past year and a half of learning has been the best musical learning experience I have had by far. Julia is an amazing teacher, extremely patient, encouraging, and kind while also ensuring that her students feel challenged and motivated to improve. This studio not only offers lessons, but we have recitals, group classes, masterclasses, and so many more activities and imaginative projects that Julia organizes every semester! What I find absolutely amazing is that despite covid regulations, we have continued to have lessons over zoom/skype/facetime/google, which have been just as rewarding as in person lessons. It’s so rare to find a teacher who takes in adult beginners and believes in musical progress despite your age and Julia is definitely one of those rare and wonderful teachers! I would recommend Mapletree Music Studio (and Julia of course) to anyone who wants to pick up a new and rewarding skill 🙂
I started learning the violin with Julia in October last year. She is a wonderful and patient teacher. She has very flexible hours and it has allowed me to continue learning the violin with her even when I’m not always in Montreal. I’ve learned a lot of techniques and skills that you can’t find online. I’ve advanced a lot in violin because of it. Thank you Julia!
Gandhi Ganesan
My daughter takes violin classes with Julia and I think that she is the best teacher ever my daughter had. She has lot of patience and fine tune the skills of her student. Now my kid is one of the best violinist at her school. I will highly recommend Julia!
Sheila G
Julia is a thoughtful and engaging instructor, who is now challenging our daughter with more complex material than she would have been exposed to with just the public school program. But on top of the violin instruction, Julia has also become a role model and mentor to our daughter, as she prepares to enter the high school years. We are grateful to have met Julia at just the right time in our daughter’s journey of musicianship.
Angie Allard
Julia (the violin teacher at Mapletree Studio) is great! I am an adult violin player who wanted to reconnect with the violin after abandoning it in high school and though I was a bit intimidated and thought I could never pick it up again, Julia put me at ease. She chooses pieces/studies at my level and we work through them progressively. I am always challenged to try music that is more advanced but I never feel overwhelmed (since as an adult, practice time can be limited!). I highly recommend having her as a violin teacher.
Andres Puente
Julia is a fantastic teacher! She is not just a violinist that wants to make some extra cash on the side teaching but a professional musician that is completely devoted to create a school where her students can grow, and that is something hard to find. Since I started taking lessons with Julia a few months ago,my skills have improved exponentially, I have overcome the fear of performing in front of an audience and I am playing with other adult players. Julia takes her teaching to the next level by adapting perfectly to your needs, goals and always with realistic expectations. She is very patient and I always feel comfortable during our classes, specially as an adult. I think the fact that I always leave her studio completely motivated and happy speaks for itself. If you are thinking of trying the violin for the first time or just looking for a new teacher you should definitively give Julia a call
Yannick Bernard
In July 2018, our daughter (13) took a violin class at the Pleasanton Firehouse Arts Center in California where Julia was the instructor. We continued with some private lessons while Julia was still in town and carried on since then with lessons via skype. Our daughter loves it. Julia is very professional and has been helping our daughter a lot with so many details that make the difference such as proper position, handling of the bow, technique. The lessons are engaging, interesting, and appropriately challenging. The music pieces motivate our daughter to keep on practicing to grow her ability and to expand her horizon from her current comfort zone. Julia coached and prepared our daughter for some auditions, resulting in boosting her confidence. Un peu de Français en même temps ne fait pas de mal. All in all we are very pleased and highly recommend Julia as a violin instructor.
J’ai eu la chance de suivre des cours de violon dans ce magnifique studio et avec Julia comme professeur de violon. Ils sont très professionnels dès le premier contact avec eux. Avant de m’inscrire, Julia a pris le temps de voir avec moi ce que je recherchais comme enseignement, mes buts et objectifs, mon style de musique, mon niveau de violon, etc.
Je n’ai jamais autant appris et eu du plaisir à jouer du violon qu’avec Julia comme enseignante !!!
Je l’a recommande à tous, sans exception !!!
Merci encore pour tous les cours que j’ai suivi avec toi !!!

Diep Nguyen
Julia is a brilliant teacher and an amazing person! I started learning violin just for fun and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. Just having fun with no pressure. Julia is always kind and overall, I always have such delightful time learning with her.